Arriving in USA- Newark


In the morning we ate breakfast and immediately went to the airport with all our luggage. We had all in all 5 big suitcases , two small and additional backpacks, and two car sits for the kids… and two small kids that were, to say the least, excited.
We had to give back the rental car and it took some time. Then suddenly all the baggage cars where gone. Like vanished. No where to find. After some 15-20 min we finally got some and could than continue.
We made the check in (sounds like it took 5 min but in reality it was an Odyssey) and then we finally entered the business lounge. We prepared the kids for the flight, talked and wondered why only our kids run, scream, dance, climb, hide and so on.
I couldn’t tell if people smiled at us because the kids were fun or because they felt sorry for us. In any case the wilder the kids got the more I feared that this will be a long…very long journey.
I mentally prepared for the worst on top of the feeling of actually not liking to fly.
Taking our seats we were served whatever we wanted in real glass not plastic! So much about the “security” and the prohibition of bringing all possible things on the plane.

The kids got the cutest airplanes! I got champagne !

I promised Ada that she could watch as many cartoons as she wanted!
And shortly after taking off the food came. It was tasty like real restaurant food.

However, lucky me my back started hurting from all the bags I had been carrying and lifting up and down so I could hardly sit during the flight.
The pilots where really flying fast because we landed almost an hour before the schedule.

Finally we arrived in Newark!!!
After the most stupid and useless control I have experienced in any of my trips ever (of course we are not allowed to take picture there) we finally got out from the airplane.
A taxi waited for us and drove us to a hotel in White Plains. If you are an expat and deal with Americans my tip to you is to be VERY specific (foolproof) in what you want.
For example we needed a hotel room for four people and also said that expecting well beds for all…
We got one bed and a couch??
After paying business class tickets for the whole family they save money by booking a hotel with one bed for a family and that after a 20 hrs trip… No comment!
Welcome to America 😛

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