White Plains – stay in a hotel


After arriving to the hotel and then experience the first chock with one bed to little we made a complaint and got a bigger room with two beds but from the next day. It is not a catastrophy but after such a long trip that is the least problem you want to have… where to sleep :/
So can someone please tell me how someone comes to the idea to book one room with one bed for 4 people?
Anyway… the rooms where nice and it is more like a small apartment, since we are stying here for a week or two that is ok. Funny thing is though that in each bedroom there is a tv. All in all three tv:s in one apartment… People seem to like watching tv here.

Since we are living in hotels since a couple of days we had a lot of laundry to do so imagine my chock when I heard that each wash is like 2.5 USD and additional 2 USD for the laundry detergent. 4.5 USD for one wash :/

At least someone liked to put in coins…:P

One thing I couldn’t even imagine was that they don’t have the plastic bottle deposit for all plastic bottles but only for some bottles in some places.
I hope I have misunderstood it and there is a system that I still haven’t found out but for the greatest economy in the world it is a disgrace if they don’t have it for each and every plastic bottle.

Today we also went to see the house we rented. It was in much worse shape than we expected and it was left very dirty so we got approvement from the company that we can paint the worse rooms.
Let’s see how that turns out!

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