Stranded in Karlsruhe/ Zaglavili u Karlsruhe

Today, we handed over the keys to our apartment. We were also supposed to leave Karlsruhe and travel to Frankfurt. Stay there in a hotel and fly to New York tomorrow… Ada and Adrian were supposed to have a fare well party in the kindergarten today and get their gifts and say hi and bye. Instead Ada got sick and we had to go to the doctor. It turned out to be otitis so everything we planned was cancelled. Instead we landed in a hotel in Karlsruhe and now we are waiting for Ada to get well to continue our trip…

Such a mess/ Koji haos!

Danas smo predali ključeve od stana. Plan je bio da danas završimo sa Karlsruhe i odemo u Frankfurt. Tamo bi prespavali u hotelu i sutra bi krenuli avionom za New York…
Ada i Adrian su trebali da imaju oproštajno danas, da prime poklončiće i da kažu ćao…međutim to se sve promijenilo kad je Ada postala bolesna. Pokazalo se da je upala ušiju i sve što smo planirali je sad pomjereno.
A mi zaglavismo u hotelu u Karlsruhe dok čekamo da se Ada oporavi i da nastavimo naš put…

Room service when kids refuse to eat / Sobna usluga kad ti djeca hoće kući jesti trahane…

After a long day I went to the wellness center resting and “meditating ” …After sitting in the sauna I started wonder…why do people in Germany have the need to stay naked in the sauna? When they are finished they go to the shower room and have separated dressing cabines?
So it turns out it is ok for women to look at mens hanging things but when they shower they should cover themselves and keep away from the other women?? or how am I supposed to get it?’

Good night and over!

Nakon dugog dana otišla sam u wellness centar odmoriti i “meditirati”….Nakon nekog sjedenja u sauni upitala sam se zasto svi ljudi hodaju goli po saunama? I onda nakon toga se obicno tusiraju u tus sobi gdje su postoje posebne kabine za tuširanje i presvlačenje (barem kod žena). Šta to treba da znači?
Ispadne ok da gledamo golotinju po sauni a kad se treba tuširati onda treba da se sakrijemo jedna od druge…ili kako to drugačije da protumačim?

Count down…3 days left

Today we are closing our chapter in Karlsruhe. It feels sad and in the same time exciting.
Our stuff in the apartment is all packed and we are sleeping in a hotel for the next few nights. The kids are overexcited and couldn’t sleep until 21.30h :/
Tomorrow comes the container and the things will then be shipped to US. It will take 5-6 weeks before we get our furniture and stuff meaning we will first live in a hotel for a couple of days.

During these days the team will get temporary living package in the house meaning a company brings all the things you need for living until your stuff arrives with the ship. Honestly, I didn’t even know companies like this exist…

It was hard to see how the kids reacted on leaving the apartment and going to the hotel. After a while they wanted to “go home”.
Me myself I am sad because it takes a looooot of energy to move and start a new existence even if it will be just for 2-3 years but I’m also exited. Somehow, I like moving around :/

A surprised girl asking where all the things are 🙂

The hard thing by moving is that we have to sort a lot of things out. It is hard but also a relief to get rid of so many things.
One of the things I was missing was my golden bracelet that Ada had lost. I had been looking for it for ages and a guy from the packing company found it…in the place where we keep sweets… Who would come to the idea to check if the bracelet is there?

Another hard thing when moving like we are now is the economical aspect. It is expensive to move!
It is is hard to grasp how much money things loose in value. The kitchen and the car is an economical suicide. In the end I feel the best things to buy that keep value are jewels and branded expensive bags. My next bag will be a Hermes 😛 of May

First of all happy of May. Wish you safe and well payed jobs 🙂 we were thinking of going to a demo bit decided that the kids are not in shape for that. Instead the kids wanted to barbecue. Ada is lately really fascinated by cake making so I agreed we’d make a cake together. So this morning she got up early to bake the cake. She had the honour to decorate the cake and she did:)

Next thing was going out for playing but after a while the kids where such a mess that we decided to go home for a rest.

In the mean time I continued my 100 days challenge of biking 30 min and until now I am keeping up the last two weeks. yes!!!

For the barbecue we had the perfect weather and the perfect barbecue master;)

After the barbecue we went again out to the playground. This time with happy kids….or not but at least the weather was perfect 😂

Spring festival Karlsruhe / Proljetni festival u Karlsruhe

Frühlingsfest or spring party is a nice happening in Karlsruhe when THE one and only ferris wheel comes in town and my kids pass it by every time we go to the kindergarten. I promised them we will go there…of course. At last we went three times and enjoyed the different carousels. I also noticed how different children’s perception is in comparison to grown ups. My daughter loved the duck fishing where you pick up ducks with a rod. Every duck symbolises some points and the more points the better “gift” you get. I found it complete waste of money and time…while she loved it.

Proljetni festival je jedan lijep događaj u Karlsruhe kada u grad stigne i ringispil i cak i onaj tocak. moja djeca svaki put kad idemo u vrtic prolaze ringispil i naravno da sam morala obecati da ćemo ići tamo … . Na kraj smo otišli tri puta i uživali u različitim vrtuljcima. Primijetila sam isto kako je različita percepcija djece u odnosu na odrasle. Za mene potpuni gubitak i novca i vremena a mojoj kcerci se najvise svidjelo pecanje pataka. Svaka patka vrijedi neki broj bodova i što više bodova upecate dobijate bolji poklon. Ali sta se sve ne radi za djeciji osmjeh 🙂