Count down…3 days left


Today we are closing our chapter in Karlsruhe. It feels sad and in the same time exciting.
Our stuff in the apartment is all packed and we are sleeping in a hotel for the next few nights. The kids are overexcited and couldn’t sleep until 21.30h :/
Tomorrow comes the container and the things will then be shipped to US. It will take 5-6 weeks before we get our furniture and stuff meaning we will first live in a hotel for a couple of days.

During these days the team will get temporary living package in the house meaning a company brings all the things you need for living until your stuff arrives with the ship. Honestly, I didn’t even know companies like this exist…

It was hard to see how the kids reacted on leaving the apartment and going to the hotel. After a while they wanted to “go home”.
Me myself I am sad because it takes a looooot of energy to move and start a new existence even if it will be just for 2-3 years but I’m also exited. Somehow, I like moving around :/

A surprised girl asking where all the things are 🙂

The hard thing by moving is that we have to sort a lot of things out. It is hard but also a relief to get rid of so many things.
One of the things I was missing was my golden bracelet that Ada had lost. I had been looking for it for ages and a guy from the packing company found it…in the place where we keep sweets… Who would come to the idea to check if the bracelet is there?

Another hard thing when moving like we are now is the economical aspect. It is expensive to move!
It is is hard to grasp how much money things loose in value. The kitchen and the car is an economical suicide. In the end I feel the best things to buy that keep value are jewels and branded expensive bags. My next bag will be a Hermes 😛

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