Armonk outdoor art show!

Last weekend was quite a busy weekend. I went to two kids-birthdays as well as to one outdoor art show.

I am no art connoisseur. I look at the picture and I say I like it or not. On the outdoor art show though there were a couple of paintings that were really beautiful BUT when a painting costs a couple of thousands of dollars I unfortunately have to take a step back and just enjoy it from distance.

Here I list a couple of art pieces that caught my eye!

An absolutely fantastic piece of art was made by the glass artist Scott Pernicka. He made spheres that gave me the feeling I was looking into the universe. Too bad they were a little bit out of my budget but what a feeling to see it. I loved it! If you want to get more inspiration check under their home page here .

Another artist I was impressed by was Harris Johnsson. He painted water looking like photography. For me that is amazing that people can paint so real! More of his pictures you can see at his home page here.

Stuart Yankell made also a painting that caught my eyes. In real it looks much more impressive but I want to remember it so I add the picture here 🙂 More of his art you can find at his home page here.

Edward Loedding was another artist doing digital art that made beautiful pictures, that I reacted on from long distance. Here is his homepage if you want to see more of his work.

Andrew made a picture where the woman floats around like in an aquarium and it seeing it was really a beutiful picture. Much better than this picture shows. More of his work you can see at his home page here.

Erik Saulitis made a beautiful print of a dancer with the colorful umbrella that is such a nice contrast to all the white and black

Luis Gonzales probably loves fruits and vegetables and made these wooden cherries that looked so cute passing by. They were also quite big, at least half a meter so it is really a very cool work. Here is his home page if you feel for looking at other things he makes.

James La Casse made some fascinating scultpures and one that was as big as me I found appealing. But for this kind of sculptures you probably need a big house and no kids in it…. Homepage you can find here.

And finally my children made silk scarfs to their grandmothers with the help of people working in shibumisilk.