Update stocks- March / Ažuriranje dionica – mart


This month Axfood, Sagax and SEB  are  paying the dividends. So A&A get 120 kr dividends from Axfood and 41 kr from Sagax . Altogether 161 kr that will be reinvested.
Even though H&M has been in negative discussions lately I bought 2 H&M stocks and hope that H&M will manage to recover. I give them this year for it, otherwise I believe I will sell them off and buy some other stocks. (In the picture the 55 kr from SEB are also included). It is nice to see that in March we are already getting half the dividends as we had for the whole year 2016.In my portfolio, I had obtained 250 Units of Dividend Sweden, because I used the 750 subscription rights that the owners got. I also got 246 kr dividends from Axfood. These I reinvested in 12 Sagax D stocks increasing the dividend 24 kr per year.
It feels nice to get the dividends even if right now every stock at Stockmarket feels too expensive.

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