First meeting with the parrot / Prvi susret papigama



The day before yesterday was a big day for Ada. She saw (real) parrots for the first time in her life. First, everything went fine, but when the yellow once (forgot the names) started to scream/chirp it was so loud and shrill that my little chicken panicked and started crying. Here is a picture seconds before 🙂20150615_175939_resized

Prekojucer je bio jedan vazan dan za Adu. Prvi put u zivotu je vidjela (uzivo) papige. Sve je super islo dok nisu neke zute papige pocele da, kako se to kaze, vriste(?) pa da usi otpadnu. Ada se prepala i pocela plakati, tako da je propao fol… Evo slike par sekundi prije tog dogadjaja 🙂

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